Acram Group is an entrepreneurial
real estate company.

The company, founded as JMC Holdings in 2011, and rebranded as Acram Group in 2021, focuses on the acquisition, development and management of covered land, flex-industrial, multi-family, and office opportunities throughout the United States. With offices in New York, NY, Greenwich, CT, and Dallas, TX, Acram Group acts as the managing member of each asset it buys, invests its own capital in every transaction and partners with high net worth investors, family offices, institutional fund managers, and other real estate platforms to execute its business plans.

Brand Story

After a decade of developing a very successful track record, JMC Holdings LLC officially changed its name to Acram Group at the beginning of 2021 in order to illustrate the next phase of the firm’s development, highlighted by Isaac Zion joining the partnership. Since the beginning of JMC, founding partner J. Matthew Cassin frequently collaborated with long-time friend, former colleague and active investor in JMC portfolio, Isaac Zion (formerly co-Chief Investment Officer at SL Green Realty Corp) to discuss strategy, growth opportunities, market dynamics, family, etc. In 2020 these meetings evolved toward a new evolution of the company with the outgrowth leading to a collective strategic vision that laid the foundation for Acram Group. This new endeavor is built upon a long-standing relationship between principals J. Matthew Cassin, David Taylor and Isaac Zion and leverages the success of JMC Holdings LLC.

In Latin, "Acram" means "acre" and the idea of an acre resonates with our team as every asset we own is tied to the fundamental real property that it is built on. As investors, we start our detailed mutli-dimensional analyses from the bottom up when evaluating each investment, and this mindset formulates our approach to each opportunity – the "ground" or "acre" is our starting point. While we took great care in developing a name that is meaningful, as we transition from JMC to Acram Group, the owl is our shepherd - instinctually intuitive, providing clarity through transition, guidance with great wisdom, deciphering important messages, uncovering hidden knowledge, and able to see what others cannot. The owl encourages us to look beyond the surface.

At Acram Group, we believe in family, unwavering loyalty and a pure dedication to be best-in-class. Relationships built on trust and intimate familiarity, Acram Group leads with that mindset with respect to our partners and stakeholders (vendors, tenants, lenders, etc.) and we pride ourselves in leading by example with attention to every detail.

Acram Group and the owl embody the land, the transition within real estate, and the ability to see beyond what is literal, creating value amongst discrepancies and focusing on the deepening connection; Acram Group will continue to lead with innovative ideas and a disciplined strategic approach. With the mantra of "every dollar of equity must be protected, multiplied and returned", Acram’s fundamental pillars exude purpose, strength and morality.

Why Acram Group?

We are aligned.
Acram Group principals, team members and families invest in every deal we do. Our interests are completely aligned with that of our investors and we only earn success fees when we perform.

We value relationships.
Relationships drive our business. Acram Group takes great care in cultivating meaningful relationships throughout the real estate industry. We have repeatedly proven that "we know what we don’t know” and always put the interests of our investors and our investments ahead of ourselves.

We get results.
Creating value in the life cycle of a real estate transaction is the core of what we do every day. Our established track record is the result of our ability to source deals and execute complicated business plans. Acram Group is driven to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns while maintaining absolute transparency with all of our stakeholders.